Graphic Design & Brand Development

INKO has the creative ideas that get you noticed.

From our offices in Jacksonville, Florida, we work collaboratively with a variety of small business start-ups, medium-sized enterprises and large corporations, so we have the varied experience necessary to keep you ahead of the competition. Whether strategic branding, logo design and corporate collateral, or websites and advertising, we create cohesive design programs that strengthen the brand promise and increase positive awareness for you. Our extensive graphic design and consulting expertise in brand development, brand management, corporate communications, marketing and image promotion means we understand the importance of consistency and continuity of design to your overall brand equity. That’s how we develop new business identities, strengthen existing brands and produce a clear understanding of your brand message. The result, getting and keeping you ‘inking’ positive.

ink positive.

Ink is more than a liquid used for print. It is a medium which, when mixed to a desired consistency, can be used to mark, saturate or brand a variety of visual communications. To “ink the brand” is to develop a distinct association between your vision and the delivered message. When communicated effectively, inking fosters clearer interpretation of the brand identity. Through innovative graphic design and brand development techniques, INKO Creative Imaging can help bring your unique vision to life. Image is perception… perception everything. Ink positive.


Oh, so much more than just ink.

Services provided by INKO include brand development and graphic design for print, websites, fabrication, silkscreen, embossing, dye cutting, casting and more. We also offer copy writing, content management and SEO. Check us out


What a brand is not.

It’s not a logo, tagline or a marketing campaign. You cannot buy, rent or solicit it. You can however, mold, guide and cultivate it. Let INKO Creative Imaging help you develop your brand today. Read more…



INKO’s forum for information, education and inspiration. Find the latest marketing trends, ideas, artistic expressions and even keep up-to-date with our latest client news. We’d love to see you in ink! See what great things we’ve been up to…

INKO Creative Imaging is a Jacksonville, Florida-based graphic design and brand management firm appreciatively serving clients throughout Northeast Florida including, Jacksonvile, Jacksonville Beach, Ponte Vedra, St. Johns County, St. Augustine, Palm Coast, Daytona, Gainesville and Orlando. Additionally, INKO provides brand consulting, web design and graphic design services throughout the Southeast and United States to a variety of small business start-ups, medium-sized enterprises and large corporations. We look forward to learning how we may serve your needs.