Advertising Portfolio

Advertising designs that get you noticed.

Advertising catches people’s attention. Great advertising sticks in your mind and helps to actually sell the product or service being offered. All to often though, we remember it most when it’s done poorly or wrong. Designing a great ad isn’t impossible, but sometimes you may need a little graphic design help, or a burst of inspiration. Let INKO help you tell your story and get noticed the right way. An interesting visual can bring people into the ad, but a good designer can make your ad great by best showcasing the details that close the deal. Let us show you the five-step formula to a sure-fire great ad design.

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INKO Creative Imaging is a graphic design firm specializing in image management, brand development and consulting. Located in Jacksonville, Florida, INKO proudly serves the clients in Duval, Lake City, McClenney, Callahan, Amelia Island, Fernandina Beach, Palm Coast, St. Johns, Jacksonville and the entire Southeast. Services include logo design, environmental themeing, print coordination and management, web sites, signage design, stationery design, magazine and newspaper ads, brochure design.