Thank you for considering INKO Creative for your graphic design and branding needs. With more than 20 years’ experience in the creative services industry, we believe open communication and a clear understanding of how we work is essential to a successful client/firm relationship.

To start, INKO offers a no-cost, initial consultation and discovery where we learn more about your design needs and goals. Through this collaboration, we create a menu of options from which we establish an initial project scope and/or ongoing program for brand development. While graphic design, logos, branding, web design, etc. are often fluid in nature, INKO will provide a fee estimate though an initial letter of engagement specific to your project or work scope.

Let’s get to work!

Our goal is to truly understand you, your needs and objectives. To become your trusted partner in creating a foundation for highly-effective and creative imaging. Together we will develop an ongoing, consistent and cost-effective brand image that will help you. . . ink positive!


Design on your project will commence upon receipt of the signed letter of engagement and a 50% deposit of the proposed estimate. Proposed fees represent our initial perception of the project, but may change if the nature/scope of the project changes, or if the number of edits exceeds the time allotted. That’s why a firm understanding of your needs, goals and objectives is critical from the outset. Working collaboratively allows the most efficient use of our creative time and your budget.


Most important to the overall success of your project is the process of reviews and approvals. We work hard to ensure your graphic designs, collateral and websites are error free, but ultimately you are the one responsible for signing off on the final proof. No one knows your phone number, address, key points and industry terms better than you do, so please review everything carefully to make sure you put your best foot forward. INKO cannot be held responsible for mistakes and errors that are released by the client in the approval phase.


We understand that sometimes you ultimately decide not to pursue a project due to timing, money or change of focus. Whatever the reason, compensation for services rendered will be invoiced in the amount of the full deposit, plus a prorated portion of the fees due along with any additional costs incurred through, and up to, the date of cancellation. It is the client’s obligation to pay for all work completed to date regardless if it will be used or not.  All materials and/or conceptual designs in connection to the cancelled works remain the property of INKO. To maintain the highest standards and reputation for our work, art files will be not be distributed for incomplete scopes. All preliminary concepts remain the property of INKO Creative Imaging. Any use of work or derivative works based on INKO’s concepts will require written consent and additional fees may apply.


There is an important distinction to be made between preliminary and final art. Early in each project, INKO may produce some discussion materials (such as sketches, rough layouts, visualizations or comps). These are prepared solely for the purpose of demonstrating an idea or a message for clearer understanding. Many preliminary concepts will later be modified or rejected entirely and usually only one concept will be taken through to completion. It is only the approved and finished final art which is paid in full, that will be released to the client. All other concepts remain the property of INKO Creative Imaging.


All Third Party materials such as TrueType fonts, Type 1 fonts, rights-protected photography and illustrations are not transferrable, and therefore remain the exclusive property of their respective owners. The client must, at their own expense, obtain the license(s) necessary to permit the use of any Third Party materials in derivative works not designed by INKO. INKO retains all rights to all preliminary works, including preliminary drafts of final deliverables, as well as right and title to any original artwork delivered to the client, including all rights to display the work. Upon completion of the services and full payment of all fees, costs and out of pocket expenses due, INKO assigns all rights and copyrights to the final flattened artworks and designs for use in trademark.


At INKO, we proudly provide ongoing support services for the graphic designs, branding, websites and marketing collateral we create. This often includes editing or modification of a created design for repurpose or reuse at a reduced cost of the original concept.
Due to the unpredictability of a graphic design’s use over time and across various mediums, INKO cannot guarantee that a native file format specific to a prospective use will be available beyond what is initially requested and/or agreed to at the signing of your services agreement. Raster images created by INKO are by nature rendered “art” and as such are not provided in their native layered format, nor can they be provided in a vector-based format. With the exception of one, two or three-color vector design files typically provided in EPS “native” format, it is not INKOs policy to include native or layered files. If additional or native files are requested at, or after the completion of the initial contract, further design work can or may be required so the files can be prepared for distribution. Fees for preparation of native files vary depending on complexity of the design and intended use. Additionally, they are subject to Florida state sales tax and may require payment in full before the files’ release.

Additional terms contained as part of our initial agreements may also govern your use of our services. If you have any questions, we would love to hear from you.

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